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Haruya Indo. Foto: Beate Sødal

I anledning katastrofen som har rammet Japan, har vi mottatt en appell om hjelp fra Norges japanske juniorlandslagstrener Haruya Indo. Vi trykker den i sin helhet, og håper så mange som mulig følger oppfordringen og støtter det japanske folket i denne vanskelige tiden.

An appeal to fellow athletes, coaches
 As many of you know, Japan has been devastated by a massive earthquake and is in desperate straits.
Many places have lost their lifelines, and aftershocks and tsunamis continue to disturb hope for stability.
The number of fatalities is expected to surpass 10,000 with many more victims having lost their homes and livelihood.
Since this calamity occurred, many people across the world have given their support,
and the people of Japan are very grateful for their assistance.
Residents of Japan are pulling together their strength and resources and are committed to overcoming this tragedy. 

I have been asking myself what it is that I can do in the face of such disaster. Confronted with such a colossal catastrophe, there seems to be so little one human can do.

But as athletes, we have the power to influence and give hope to others. I realized that what I need to do now is to ask
as many people as possible for help and to extend the chain of support for Japan.
I ask you please, from one athlete to another, as ones with national recognition and who can appeal to your countrymen, to please lend us in Japan a helping hand.
I would like to ask of you the following
 1. Send your personal messages of encouragement to those struck by this disaster to
2. Invite the media to hear your voice, asking for contributions to various aid organizations in Japan
3. Topp Volley Norge will Set up  a fundraising support place in the Hall, and assign the donations to Japan relief (we will corporate with Norwegian red cross)
I believe that Norwegian Volleyball players inspire the people with hopes and dreams.
With the power and influence we have, I am sure that we can appeal to the masses to extend support to Japan.
A little bit of your time and effort can make a huge difference in aiding Japan.
Today happens to be the start of the 500 day count down to the London Olympics. Many olympians including
myself are overcoming our adversities to reach this acclaimed ground.
We represent Japanese athletes, coaches. And in the same way that we, as athletes, never give up, Japan will never give up.
Japan will recover from this catastrophe, and we promise you that together we will bring dreams and hope to the world through sports.
So, please help us assist Japan, with the «Power of Athletes».
Thank you.

Haruya Indo

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